Top Free and Open-Source Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to understand the impact of their marketing efforts. By tracking phone calls generated from campaigns and analyzing call data, companies can gain actionable insights to optimize their strategies.

While many robust call tracking platforms have hefty price tags, there are some great free and open-source options available. These provide basic call tracking functionality without breaking the bank.

In this article, we cover the top 10 free and open-source Call Tracking Software to consider for 2024. Whether you’re a small business on a budget or want simple software to get started, these options can meet your basic needs.

10 Free Call Tracking Software

  1. CallRail
  2. CallTrackingMetrics
  3. PhoneWagon
  4. DialogTech
  5. Ringba
  6. Call Box
  7. AvidTrak
  8. VoIP Detective
  9. OpenPhone
  10. Telnyx

1. CallRail

CallRail is one of the most popular free call tracking tools available today. The software provides in-depth analytics and call tracking capabilities for small marketing teams and businesses. With CallRail, you can create a call tracking number to assign to different marketing campaigns or ads. The platform records and transcripts calls while providing helpful visualization tools to analyze the data.

CallRail Home

Key Features of CallRail

  • Tracks calls from all marketing channels including TV, radio, print, and online ads
  • Records calls for playback and storage
  • Geolocation tagging to identify caller location
  • Real-time call notifications
  • CRM integrations
  • Customizable call flows
  • Tracking numbers for each campaign

The free version limits you to one tracking number and 100 call minutes per month. However, this is ideal for small businesses running a couple of local campaigns. CallRail is easy to set up and provides helpful call data. It’s a great basic option to start optimizing your marketing.

2. CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is a highly versatile free call tracking platform that delivers strong analytics for understanding marketing effectiveness. The software makes it easy to track calls from all sources and pinpoint the conversion rates of different campaigns. With custom greetings and call distribution, CallTrackingMetrics provides robust tracking and routing options for free.

CallTrackingMetrics Home

Key Features of CallTrackingMetrics

  • Track calls from unlimited sources
  • Convert recordings to text for analysis
  • Visualization graphs and charts
  • Real-time SMS alerts
  • CRM integration
  • Customizable IVR greetings

You’re limited to one tracking number, 150 call minutes, and 1 user with the free version. However, it’s still extremely useful for understanding your basic call volume and tracking effectiveness per campaign. The software is easy to use with call recording and reporting features. It’s great for small teams managing a few campaigns.

3. PhoneWagon

PhoneWagon is an unlimited free call tracking solution ideal for larger teams and call volumes. With PhoneWagon, you can track an unlimited number of calls across unlimited users and lines. It provides complete visibility without worrying about hitting caps each month. Companies can track both online and offline marketing efforts across departments all in one place.

PhoneWagon Home

Key Features of PhoneWagon

  • Unlimited users, call minutes, and call tracking numbers
  • Caller ID masking
  • Real-time SMS and email alerts
  • Call notes for logging conversations
  • Call recording and voicemail
  • CRM integrations

The unlimited plan makes this free solution very appealing. You get all the core call tracking functionality with no caps. The software also provides strong analytics and visualizations to view data. Hence, PhoneWagon is extremely versatile for handling higher call volumes across departments. It’s a great free option with robust features.

4. DialogTech

DialogTech offers free call tracking focused on actionable insights and optimization. It goes beyond basic tracking to provide analytics on call duration, locations, new vs returning callers, peak hours, and more. By integrating call data with platforms like Salesforce and Google Analytics, DialogTech provides a bigger picture view.

DialogTech Home

Key features of DialogTech

  • Track calls from online marketing campaigns
  • View analytics on call duration, locations, new vs returning callers etc.
  • Integrate call data with platforms like Salesforce and Google Analytics
  • Real-time SMS and email alerts
  • Call notes and recordings
  • Customizable IVR greetings and call flows

You’re limited to one call tracking number and 1,000 call minutes per month. However, the tool provides strong reporting and integrations to better understand your call data. It is ideal for small marketing teams running targeted campaigns. The insights can help you optimize efforts.

5. Ringba

As a well-known call tracking provider, Ringba offers a free version with two call tracking numbers and basic reporting. Users can create two numbers with custom recordings and compare performance through exported call reports. This software makes it easy to dynamically insert tracking numbers into print advertising and other offline media. Ringba also provides customizable IVR call routing to handle calls seamlessly.

Ringba Home

Key features of Ringba

  • Create two call tracking numbers with unique recordings
  • View number of calls received per number 
  • Export call reports to Excel or CSV
  • Integrate with popular marketing platforms
  • Dynamic number insertion for tracking print/offline
  • Customizable IVR flow and greetings
The free version is quite limited but provides the basic ability to track and compare two campaigns. It’s easy to add numbers dynamically to print materials for tracking. It works best for testing the performance of two campaigns or ads. You get helpful data without advanced analytics.

6. Call Box

Call Box provides free call tracking through an easy-to-use desktop widget. The tool allows you to create a call tracking number personalized with your recording. You can then monitor incoming calls in real-time using the desktop widget without logging in. Further, Call Box integrates with leading platforms so you can store call information.

Call Box Home

Key Features of Call Box

  • Create one customizable call tracking number
  • View number of calls received in real-time widget
  • Export call data to CSV/Excel
  • Add notes for each call
  • Integrate with platforms like Salesforce and Facebook
  • Dynamic number insertion

This covers just basic call tracking needs with one number. However, the desktop widget gives you real-time visibility without logging in. Call Box is an easy free option for tracking a single marketing channel. It works well for local businesses testing an initial campaign.

7. AvidTrak

AvidTrak is a feature-rich call tracking software that helps businesses track, record, and analyze phone calls for better insights. With its easy-to-use interface, AvidTrak makes call tracking simple and accessible for companies of all sizes.

AvidTrak Home

Key Features of AvidTrak

  • Tracks every inbound and outbound call with caller ID, date, duration, and more
  • Records calls in the cloud for playback and sharing
  • Built-in analytics give insights on call volume, response times, and trends
  • Customizable IVR and routing rules to manage call flows
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor call activity
  • Integrates with popular CRM and marketing platforms
  • Affordable pricing scales as your business grows
With robust features packed in an intuitive interface, AvidTrak empowers businesses to optimize phone-based processes and boost productivity.

8. VoIP Detective

VoIP Detective is a cloud-based call tracking and analytics platform designed for SMBs. It provides easy-to-use tools to record, monitor, and analyze calls to gain actionable insights.

VoIP Detective Home

Key Features of VoIP Detective

  • Browser-based dashboard for real-time and historical analytics
  • Track number of calls, duration, location, recordings, and more
  • Set up customizable IVR menus and call flows
  • Integrates call data with platforms like Salesforce and Zoho
  • Affordable pricing scales from basic to enterprise plans
  • PCI-compliant security and encryption
  • Scalable for single or multi-location businesses
  • Dedicated support team for quick troubleshooting
VoIP Detective makes call tracking simple and affordable for SMBs. With powerful features and insightful analytics, it helps optimize sales and marketing efforts.

9. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a business phone system that provides startups and solopreneurs a free phone number. While basic, the free service includes call forwarding to your cell phone along with minimal analytics on your business line. OpenPhone also transcribes voicemails to text so you can efficiently handle messages. With a professional number that rings to your personal mobile device, OpenPhone offers helpful features for one-person operations.

OpenPhone Home

Key Features of OpenPhone

  • Free custom business phone number
  • Call forwarding to personal cell
  • Basic call analytics for number
  • Missed call alerts via SMS
  • Voicemail transcription to text
  • Minimal brandable features

While basic, OpenPhone gives you a free business phone number forwarded to your cell. The few analytics and text features provide helpful functionality. It works well for solopreneurs who want a professional number. The free version is fairly limited but useful.

10. Telnyx

Telnyx provides a feature-rich free call tracking plan tailored to startups and small teams. You can track calls, customize greetings, and access call analytics using your own carrier number. Useful integrations with webphone, CRM, voicemail, and other tools are also included free. Telnyx enables startups to leverage enterprise-grade call tracking and analytics without the high costs.

Telnyx Home

Key Features of Telnyx

  • Free local or toll-free number
  • Track calls received for number
  • Export basic call logs and reports
  • Set up IVR menus and greetings
  • Webphone, CRM, and voicemail integrations
  • Bring your own carrier number

As a business-focused platform, Telnyx still offers useful free options. You can track and customize a professional number while accessing integrations. It is great for early-stage startups that want premium features without high costs. It provides helpful analytics and customization.

Final Thoughts on Best Free Call Tracking Software

Free and open-source Call Tracking Software allow businesses to access basic yet useful features without paying monthly fees. Solutions like CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, and PhoneWagon provide robust options on free plans. More technical users can leverage open-source platforms like CallTrackie for website tracking. Basic tools like Call Box offer a single number with helpful desktop widgets.

To access advanced analytics, multiple numbers, and in-depth reporting, paid software is recommended. However, these free platforms cover essential features like call recording, tracking, IVR, and integrations.

Before choosing call tracking software, outline your use cases, call volume, and required analytics. This will determine whether a free or paid solution best fits your needs. With the options covered here, small businesses can find the right free call tracking platform to optimize marketing.

FAQs on Free Call Tracking Software

What is free and open-source call tracking software?

Free and open-source call tracking software provides the ability to track phone calls from different marketing campaigns and analyze call data, without paying any license fees. The source code is openly shared allowing customization.

What features does free call tracking software have?

Basic free call tracking software allows you to create a call tracking number, view reports on the number of calls/durations, record calls, and integrate with other platforms. More advanced features like IVR, real-time alerts, and voicemail transcription may be limited.

What are the benefits of open-source call tracking?

Open-source call tracking software is free to use and customizable since the code is open. It allows higher user control compared to proprietary software. Developers can add new features or tweak existing functionality.

What are some examples of open-source call tracking tools?

Some examples of open-source call tracking platforms are CallTrackie, Kazoo, OpenDrupal Call Tracking, OpenVBX, and Sipreporter. These provide free tracking capabilities in different programming languages.

Is call tracking free for small businesses?

Many call tracking platforms offer free versions for small businesses to track a limited number of call tracking numbers per month. Popular options like CallRail, Ringba, DialogTech, and CallTrackingMetrics have free tiers.

What are the limitations of free call tracking plans?

Free call tracking plans often limit you to only 1-2 tracking numbers, under 100 call minutes per month, less complex analytics/reporting, limited users, and lack of premium features like real-time call notifications.

What happens when call limits are exceeded on free plans?

Once you exceed the allocated call minutes or number limit on a free plan, call tracking capabilities will stop working until the next billing cycle. Paid plans are needed for unrestricted usage.

Is open-source call tracking secure?

Open-source call tracking tools can be very secure if the code is properly vetted and maintained. However, open-source platforms carry a higher security risk if not updated consistently to patch vulnerabilities.

Does call tracking software work on mobile?

Many paid and free call tracking platforms provide mobile apps or browser-based dashboards to view reports. Open-source options may have third-party mobile integrations available through the community.

Can I customize an open-source call tracking tool?

Open-source call tracking software can be customized based on your needs since the code is openly available. You will need in-house developers or consultants to modify the functionality.

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