How to Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Being productive on social media requires strategy and tools. Start by auditing your existing social profiles – analyze followers, engagement rates, and typical post-performance using one of the best social media analytics tools available. These tools, like Sprout Social and Hootsuite, provide insights to refine your audience targeting. Schedule your top-performing post formats at optimal times throughout the week using social media content calendars and automation platforms. Streamline your workflows by collaborating with team members in project management systems like Asana.

Look for opportunities to repurpose and reuse content across platforms. Tools like Buffer and Canva make it simple to customize posts. Set goals and relevant key performance indicators and monitor frequently using the best SMA Tools to spot trends. With the right processes, delegation tactics, and analytics backing your social media strategy, you will maximize views, engagement, leads, and return on investment.

Top 12 Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Here is the 12 best Social Media Analytics Tools to Boost Your Productivity:

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Buffer
  4. BuzzSumo
  5. Keyhole
  6. TapInfluence
  7. Talkwalker
  8. Tailwind
  9. Iconosquare
  10. Simply Measured
  11. Socialbakers
  12. Rival IQ

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform with robust analytics capabilities. It provides a centralized dashboard to manage multiple social profiles, schedule and publish content, engage with your audience, and track performance.

Features of Sprout Social

  • Analytics Across Social Networks: Track key metrics like followers, engagement, clicks, etc. across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Drill down for profile-specific stats.
  • Custom Reporting: Build customized reports with the data points important to you. Compare performance across profiles or time periods. 
  • Audience Analysis: Identify key demographics like age, gender, interests. Discover peak engagement times.
  • Sentiment Tracking: Monitor brand mentions and analyze sentiment over time. Uncover feedback to act on.
  • Competitor Benchmarking: Compare your performance to competitors on key metrics. Identify their top content.

With robust metrics and easy-to-use reports, Sprout Social is ideal for brands who want deep social media analytics to inform their strategy. The competitive intelligence can help you refine content and maximize reach.

2. Hootsuite

As one of the most widely used social media management platforms, Hootsuite (one of the best social media analytics tools) packs a powerful analytics punch. It’s ideal for agencies or teams collaborating on multiple social profiles.

Features of Hootsuite

  • Custom Analytics Dashboard: Configure widgets with the data points important to you. Visualize performance at a glance.
  • Campaign Tracking: Use UTM builder to track links. Monitor clicks, engagement, conversions for your campaigns. 
  • Social Listening: Follow brand mentions and keywords. Analyze sentiment and trends.
  • Audience Analytics: Discover follower demographics like location, gender, interests. Get follower growth reports.
  • Publishing Analytics: Track engagement for each post. See best times to post based on audience.
  • Team Workflow: Collaborate and assign social posts. Monitor engagement by team members.

Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor social media analytics for you or your clients in one centralized platform. The ability to compare performance across social profiles, identify high-reach content, and collaborate provides productivity-boosting insight.

3. Buffer 

Buffer is a popular social media scheduling tool that also provides analytics to optimize your content strategy. With an easy-to-use interface, it’s ideal for small businesses looking to grow their audience and engagement on social.

Features of Buffer

  • Post Analytics: Track impressions, engagement and clicks for each post. Get insights on best posting times.
  • Audience Analytics: Dive into follower demographics like age, gender, interests, location. See follower growth over time.
  • Engagement Analytics: Monitor clicks, comments, shares and more. See top engaging posts. 
  • Account Comparisons: Compare performance between different social profiles or users.
  • Image Analytics: Track which images drive the most engagement. Repurpose top performers.
  • Conversion Tracking: Connect to your website to track traffic from social posts. Monitor leads and sales.

Buffer provides easy-to-understand analytics reports to help you refine your content approach, engage your audience, and grow your following. By scheduling social media posts in advance, it also saves time and boosts productivity.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool ideal for uncovering impactful content ideas and influencer opportunities. Its analytics provide deep insight for content strategy and competitor benchmarking.

BuzzSumo Features

  • Content Research: Enter any topic and instantly see the most shared content. Analyze engagement, backlinks, keywords and more.
  • Trending Content: Discover popular articles, videos, and infographics on trending topics. Monitor what resonates.
  • Competitor Analysis: Search competitor domains to analyze their top content, links, and high-traffic pages.
  • Influencer Identification: Search by keyword or topic to uncover influencers creating powerful content. Outreach appropriately. 
  • Alerts: Create custom alerts to monitor trending content, brand mentions, new influencer content and more.

BuzzSumo’s ability to surface high-performing content makes it easy to identify messaging and topics that engage your target audience. Monitoring competitors and influencers provides strategic intelligence to inform your social strategy.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media analytics platform focused on tracking hashtags and identifying influencers. Its comprehensive data makes it ideal for monitoring branded campaigns and understanding your audience interests.

Keyhole Features

  • Hashtag Tracking: Follow the use and spread of any hashtag. Analyze reach, engagement, sentiment, top contributors and more.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Gain immediate insight into trending topics, emerging hashtags, and conversations as they unfold. Identify opportunities to engage.
  • Influencer Identification: Uncover top influencers driving conversations for any hashtag or keyword. Connect with relevant influencers.
  • Audience Analysis: Break down hashtag audiences by demographics like gender, age, interests, and location. Discover communities relevant to your brand.
  • Campaign Tracking: Track the full scope of campaign-specific hashtags. Measure reach, engagement, and sentiment over time. 
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Compare campaign performance against competitors. See engagement rates, influencers, audience reach and more. 

Keyhole provides invaluable data to optimize your social media approach. By providing deep insight into your audience’s interests and conversations, it enables more targeted content creation and influencer alignment.

6. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is an influencer marketing platform with robust analytics for running influencer campaigns end-to-end. From discovery to recruitment to tracking results, it provides data-driven oversight.

TapInfluence Features

  • Influencer Discovery: Search by audience, interests, content type and more to uncover relevant influencers. Review their engagement metrics and rates.
  • Campaign Tracking: Monitor campaign progress in real-time. Track status of outreach, deliverables, and approvals.
  • Performance Analytics: Track key metrics like reach, impressions, engagement rate. Calculate EMV and ROI.
  • Content Analysis: Review top-performing content. Ensure brand compliance. Identify reusable assets.
  • Relationship Management: Maintain influencer profiles and communication. Cultivate relationships post-campaign.
  • Reporting: Customize reports with key data points and visualizations. Share with stakeholders.

With robust analytics and oversight, TapInfluence enables you to maximize the impact of influencer campaigns on your objectives – whether awareness, engagement, or sales. Data insight helps refine approaches ongoing.  

7. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social listening and analytics platform ideal for monitoring brand mentions, visual content, and customer sentiment. With AI-powered analytics, it provides expansive data to optimize your social strategy.

Talkwalker Features

  • Custom Listening Feeds: Track keywords, brands, competitors or trends across social media, news, blogs, forums and more.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Automatically detect sentiment in conversations about your brand. Uncover detractors to address.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Compare share of voice and campaign engagement against competitors.
  • Audience Analysis: Analyze followers and conversations by demographics, interests, geo-location. 
  • Visual Monitoring: Uncover usages of images, memes or video featuring your brand. Monitor copyright issues.
  • Influencer Analysis: Identify influencers driving relevant conversations. Engage accordingly. 
  • Reporting: Custom presentation-ready reports to share data insights with stakeholders.

With expansive listening capabilities, Talkwalker provides unmatched social intelligence to refine your positioning and engagement. The visual analytics are particularly useful for identifying emerging opportunities or risks.

8. Tailwind 

Tailwind is a Pinterest analytics and marketing platform. Visual analytics helps businesses maximize reach and engagement on Pinterest.

Tailwind Features

  • Pin Analytics: Track impressions, repins, clicks and more for each Pin. Identify your top performing Pins.
  • Audience Analytics: Analyze followers by location, gender, interests. See follower growth over time.
  • Content Analytics: Discover which types of content drive most repins and clicks. Identify gaps.
  • Scheduling: Schedule and publish Pinterest content in advance. Set optimal timing.
  • Campaign Tracking: Use UTMs to track traffic, conversions for Pinterest marketing campaigns.
  • Smart Loops: Automatically repin top performing content to continually drive engagement.
  • Collaboration: Add team members to publish and analyze performance.

Tailwind provides the Pinterest-specific analytics businesses need to refine their visual content approach. By identifying high-converting Pins and leveraging smart repin features, it helps maximize reach and traffic.

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics and management platform helping brands maximize their Instagram presence. With engagement and audience analytics, it provides data to refine your visual content approach.

Iconosquare Features

  • Post Analytics: Track reach, impressions, engagement for each post. See best times to post. Identify top-performing content.
  • Hashtag Analytics: Track hashtag performance over time. See top hashtags and influencers driving engagement.
  • Audience Analytics: Get follower demographics like age, gender, and interests. See follower growth and retention. 
  • Competitor Benchmarking: Compare engagement rates and growth to competitors. Analyze their top content.
  • Community Management: Respond to comments and DMs faster. Schedule content. Collaborate with a team. 
  • Instagram Ads: Track ad performance like CPC, CTR, reach and conversions. Optimize overtime.
  • Reporting: Custom presentation-ready reports to share with clients and stakeholders.

With its user-friendly interface and focus on Instagram metrics, Iconosquare is ideal for brands looking to grow and engage their Instagram audience. The ability to identify your best content and analyze competitors helps increase your impact.

10. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a social media analytics tool providing in-depth analytics and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With data-rich reports and visualizations, it’s ideal for data-driven agencies and enterprise brands.

Simply Measured Features

  • Post/Account Analytics: Track followers, impressions, engagement, clicks and more for each social profile and post.
  • Audience Analysis: Identify follower demographics, interests, locations, peak times. Discover brand advocates and influencers. 
  • Campaign Tracking: Use UTM tags and customizable dashboards to track performance for social campaigns.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Track competitors over time, comparing engagement, content, growth across networks.
  • Report Building: Build customized, presentation-ready reports. Save report templates for regular use.
  • Data Exports: Export raw data to CSV or integrate with other analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

For brands who want deep data analysis to continually optimize their social strategy, Simply Measured provides powerful customizable analytics across multiple networks. The ability to compare performance and export data makes it a strong productivity tool.

11. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an AI-powered social media analytics platform for agencies and enterprise brands looking to maximize their social marketing. It offers a deep audience, competitive, and campaign insights.

Socialbakers Features

  • Audience Analysis: Discover audience interests, demographics, peak times, and influencers. Build targeted buyer personas.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Benchmark performance against competitors across engagement, content, followers and more. 
  • Campaign Analysis: Track engagement rates, clicks, impressions and ROI for your campaigns. Optimize content and strategy.
  • Social Listening: Monitor brand mentions across social media and review sentiment over time.
  • Content Analytics: Discover your top content across social platforms. Leverage key lessons learned.
  • Automated Reporting: Schedule reports with key metrics and custom visualizations. Share insights across the organization. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Utilize machine learning to model future performance based on past campaigns. 

With Socialbakers’ advanced analytics capabilities, enterprise brands can uncover deep audience and competitor insights to continually refine and optimize their social content approach for maximum ROI.

12. Rival IQ 

Rival IQ is a social media analytics tool focused on identifying a brand’s competitors and analyzing their social strategy. This competitive intelligence can help improve your own social presence. 

Rival IQ Features

  • Competitor Identification: Use keywords to discover competitors you may not have known about. Expand your competitive research.
  • Account Analytics: Track competitors’ followers, content, engagement rates and growth over time. Compare to your own profiles. 
  • Content Research: Analyze competitors’ top-performing content by platform and topic. Identify their messaging, formats, and engagement.
  • Hashtag Research: Discover which branded and unbranded hashtags competitors use to drive engagement. Adopt relevant hashtags.
  • Influencer Research: See which influencers engage most with competitors’ content. Reach out for potential partnerships. 
  • Ad Performance: Review competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ad history including creatives, spend and results.

Benchmarking competitors on Rival IQ enables you to obtain critical intelligence to strengthen your own social strategy in an agile, data-driven way. You can adopt leading practices while differentiating yourself from competitors.

Concluding Thoughts on Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Productivity

Utilizing data from social media analytics tools allows brands to craft high-impact strategies that resonate with their target audience. Whether your focus is deep audience research, increased engagement, competitor benchmarking or campaign optimization, the right analytics tools provide actionable, productivity-enhancing insights.

Start by evaluating both your goals and resources to select tools aligned with each. Platforms like Sprout Social, Hootsuite and BuzzSumo make it easy to monitor brand conversations, identify influencers, analyze competitors, and understand performance from one intuitive dashboard.

Investing time in regular review of social media analytics will pay dividends in the form of stronger audience targeting, content optimization and measurable ROI. With these tools to amplify your efforts, you can elevate your social presence and achieve your brand objectives.

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